Scrivener Course Template for creating Online Courses

Criss Ittermann

Do you want a course creation bundle that helps guide you through course planning and creation? This must-have tool for creating course outlines & scripts helps you keep lecture scripts, notes, progress organized and track your keywords and competitive research.

I've written articles on your target market, organizing a course, notes and best practices of top Udemy sellers combined with my own experience for this unique course creation tool.

Opt for the Scrivener version for all the features, and use it for every class! It includes progress tracking, extra resources, & word-count targets. Mark the stage of each lecture, track your next step, and you will have your course "To Dos" right at your fingertips.

Bonus materials:

  • a 4-page "How to write your Course Promo Script" PDF file that includes a sample promotional video script and detailed instructions on what to include in your promo video
  • a PDF Quick Start guide with screenshots on how to use the Scrivener template
  • 12-minute video tour of the template
  • installation instructions
  • I've also created a video for installing templates at

New to scrivener?  Check out my Scrivener tour at

Extra: If you want you can order the version that includes 30 minutes of coaching over the phone.

While created with Udemy in mind, these materials should help you work on any video courses and presentations.

This requires at least the free trial of Scrivener, and will work for Scrivener v. 2 or upgrade the template for v. 3.

I want this!

Scrivener Course Template for creating Online Courses

I want this!